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Elizabeth Weidner

Shortly, after my 12 birthday in January 2016 I received the initial dx of cancer, but 8 days later our family received the devastating news it was Neuroblastoma Stage IV! None of our were prepared for that dx as I along with my brothers have always been athletic, outgoing and full of energy! Originally I had many medical staff dx my pain as Illiac Apothysitis (sp?). In fact, I was still dancing (3-4 nights/week for up to 3/4 hours a stretch) up until 2 days before the pain grew so intense I could no longer bear weight on my right hip!
The doctor's say with my type of cancer I may never know exactly when it started...I could have been born with it we will never know. I may not have gone to the doctor when I did, but the pain had suddenly switched hips and my mom's gut instinct…

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What is a Cole's Pages Advocate? An advocate is someone who has taken up the cause of supporting the many families of Cole's Pages by raising money on their behalf.

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